Stacey G. Stelter

Stacey G. Stelter

Founder | Director of Client Services

proud mother: I have two wonderful sons, Ian and Eric, and a fur-baby named Hayward.

church: River Valley Church – My faith is integral to my life and attending a church where I receive a wise message and serve with others brings great joy.

favorite hobbies: 

Getting out in nature, hiking, creating floral bouquets.

charitable organizations:

Young Men’s Service League 

As a founding board member for the only chapter of this group

in Minnesota, I love that we focus on building strong relationships between mothers and sons during their high school years by volunteering together in meaningful ways. It has

been a true blessing to engage so many mothers and their sons with the spirit of service for our


client service:

My favorite thing about my job is hearing stories about your lives, your family, and your travels. I also find it fascinating how people relate to money very differently, which makes it interesting to hear how they manage money together.


My family and creating meaningful connections with people.

I am a former teacher who took a leap of faith and entered the financial services industry.

I have always had a heart to serve people and to own my own business. I didn’t find my niche until I entered this industry – specifically with GTS Financial. We are so excited to disrupt the industry with a clear fee structure and financial planning focused on life coaching that encourages you to align your goals with your finances and vice versa.